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Associations & Partners

International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses

The IARW promotes efficient distribution services, aids members in adopting new technology, advises members of legislation and regulations affecting the food industry, assists members in complying with U.S. and international regulations and participates in alliances with industry and international organizations having a common interest in the safe and efficient flow of food products around the world.

World Food Logistics Organization

The WFLO is a scientific and educational foundation whose purpose is to advance the application of refrigeration technology for better preservation of food and commodities; develop and support research in the science of refrigeration; cooperate with government and private institutions in research activities; train and educate refrigerated warehouse / distribution personnel; and establish and make available a repository of scientific information specific to the industry.

When choosing a public refrigerated warehouse or logisitics supplier, look for the IARW and WFLO logos.

Information Managers & Associates

Information Managers & Associates is a full service document and records management firm. By offering comprehensive and cost effective solutions for the complete management of critical business content through document imaging and indexing, digital storage, secure physical records storage and mangement and scan-on-demand, its capabilities extend to the whole enterprise, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to managing the information your company depends on the most.